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was first called Darbyville because most of the land around current-day Macclenny was owned by the Darby family.
Carr Bowers McClenny married into the Darby family and then bought most of the land. Darbyville was then known as McClenny.

Carr's business in McClenny was in sawmills, turpentine, lumber and land. The name McClenny was changed to the current name
of Macclenny because the post office department had a rule against capital letters in the middle of a name. The first post office in Macclenny was then established in 1890.

There were settlers in Macclenny as early as 1829 but after the Civil War most of the people settled there. However, in 1888 most
of the town residents were killed in a yellow fever epidemic. Residents of the town then increased over time to 4,500.
Macclenny, Florida
(From Wikipedia)

Baker County was founded in 1861.
It was named for James McNair Baker, a judge and Confederate senator. In 1864 the Battle of Olustee, which was the only
major American Civil War battle in Florida, was fought near Lake City, Florida in Baker County
Baker County, Florida (From Wikipedia)

Baker County, Florida

Cities: Macclenny - Towns: Glen St. Mary
Unincorporated communities: Baxter, Eddy, Olustee, Sanderson, Taylor